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Learn DAO from best Institutes in Nanded. A data access object (DAO) is an object that provides an abstract interface to some type of database or other persistence mechanism in a computer software. It is an application program interface available with Microsofts Visual Basic that lets a programmer request access to a Microsoft Access database. DAO was Microsofts first object-oriented interface with databases. By mapping application calls to the persistence layer, the DAO provides some specific data operations without exposing details of the database.
DAO objects encapsulate Accesss Jet functions. Through Jet functions, it can also access other Structured Query Language (SQL) databases. The Data Access Object pattern is now a widely accepted mechanism to abstract away the details of persistence in an application. The idea is that instead of having the domain logic communicate directly with the database, file system, web service, or whatever persistence mechanism your application uses, the domain logic speaks to a DAO layer instead. This DAO layer then communicates with the underlying persistence system or service. The advantage of the DAO layer is that if you need to change the underlying persistence mechanism you only have to change the DAO layer, and not all the places in the domain logic where the DAO layer is used from. The DAO layer usually consists of a smaller set of classes, than the number of domain logic classes that uses it.
It can be used in a large percentage of applications, anywhere data storage is required. It hides all details of data storage from the rest of the application. It acts as an intermediary between your application and the database. They move data back and forth between Java objects and database records. It allows ripple effects from possible changes to the persistence mechanism to be confined to a specific area.
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