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Learn SAP ALE from best Institutes in Nanded. SAP ALE stands for Application link enabling is a software solution for linking two systems to enable exchange of data between two different Systems ( Sap - Sap OR Sap - Non Sap). ALE technology enables distributed yet integrated installation of SAP systems. ALE/IDocs are used for asynchronous information interchange while IDoc stands for intermediate document is a standard data structure for electronic data interchange (EDI) between application programs written for the popular SAP business system. A real time scenario is communicating between two physically separated systems through either SAP to SAP or SAP to Non-SAP we use IDOC.

ALE architecture comprises of three layers such as Application layer, Distribution layer and Communication layer for different responsibilities needed to transfer the data.It provides controlled exchange of data messages ensuring data consistency across loosely coupled applications. ALE comprises of three layers. Application Services Distribution Services and Communication Services where the main principle of ALE is to provide a distributed and fully integrated R/3 system. There are three types of records in SAP ALE Idocs such as Control Records: Control record information for an IDoc is stored in standard table EDIDC and Data Records for controlling record information for an IDoc is stored in standard table EDIDD and Status Records for controlling record information for an IDoc is stored in standard table EDIDS.

Some of the ALE services are Business Process Harmonization, Receiver Determination, Business Object Synchronization, Consistency checks, Monitoring and Error handling.
Typical applications of this software product are Electronic data exchange / EDI ,Replication / synchronization of data across different SAP systems and Master data distribution where Large companies often use several SAP systems and still want to build a central material master database. Process Codes are used in both ALE and EDI framework to identify the function module or API (Application Programming Interface) to be invoked for subsequent processing. Inbound as well as outbound interfaces use process code but for different purposes. Outbound process codes are stored in table TEDE1, while inbound process codes are stored in TEDE2.

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