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Learn SAP RAR from best Institutes in Nanded. SAP RAR stands for Revenue Accounting and Reporting. With SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting one can handle orders, invoices, and events from multiple SAP or non-SAP systems, they can gain flexibility by decoupling revenue recognition rules from order entry and billing systems, and they provide revenue accountants with an easy to use accounting solution. In SAP RAR one can learn Revenue recognition, Five-step framework, Vendor analysis matrix, Project management and implementation, Configuration and migration, Revenue contracts, Revenue data, Dual reporting, Business cases, and Revenue Accounting Engine.

The Revenue Accounting and Reporting enables you to manage revenue recognition in a process that involves the following high-level steps. They are Identify Contracts, performance obligations, Allocate the transaction price, Manage fulfillment of performance obligations, and Make revenue postings. Identify contracts helps to create revenue accounting contracts corresponding to operational documents that are created on a back-end operational system. The Identify performance obligations helps to identify the performance obligations included in each contract. They create performance obligations for items in the operational document and manage their relationships with one another. Allocate the transaction price that helps to determine the total price by aggregating the pricing conditions passed from the back-end operational system, and then allocate the total price among the performance obligations. The Manage fulfillment of performance obligations helps to recognize revenue for performance obligations as they are fulfilled. The Make revenue postings helps to make postings to the general ledger regularly to reflect revenue-related transactions.

The main objective of the new standards is to provide a single, comprehensive revenue recognition model for all customer contracts, improving comparability within and across industries and across capital markets. Revenue is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) used by investors when assessing a company’s performance and prospects. Revenue recognition represents one of the highest risks on financial statements, and it is one of the leading causes of restatements. Every publicly traded company has to follow the guidelines set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to communicate their financials effectively to investors. The SAP RAR has been assisting the customers solve complicated revenue accounting challenges for over 16 months and is available with all releases of SAP S/4HANA Finance and on SAP ERP Financials EhP5 & higher. It has been built specifically to support customers to enable compliance with the new IFRS 15 / ASC 606 accounting regulations.. The below are list of institutes offeres best sap rar training in Nanded. You will find training centers which offers sap rar training with placement in Nanded. Leave your details to get the sap rar course fee details from top 10 sap rar training institutes in Nanded.
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