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Learn Struts from best Institutes in Nanded. Struts is an application advancement structure that is intended and utilized for prominent J2EE (Enterprise Edition, Java 2) platform. Struts Training is useful for development process and makes designers more beneficial by giving them a progression of devices and segments to assemble applications with. It can also work with practically any J2EE consistent application server. Struts are generally horizontal inclined members and they are different from the column due to this reason and they carry the load axially, and column can be classified as short and long column on the basis of slender Ness ratio.
Struts are not short or long they have no particular classification. Struts can be defined as a web application development framework that is based on the requests and is used in order to develop the web applications of java enterprise edition (Java EE). The struts framework is the very first Model View Controller (MVC) based framework and by the use of MVC the logic, view and user input related tasks gets separated and the work is done in a clear and consistent manner that can be verified and get maintained easily. The web framework of struts is known as the request response based web application framework.

The Apache Struts 2 framework provides many features that were not in struts1.The important features of struts 2 framework are Configurable MVC components, POJO based actions, AJAX support, Integration support, Various Result Types, Various Tag support, Theme and Template support. The Configurable MVC components can easily configure the MVC components in its configurations files like struts.xml and web.xml. It provides all the components and support. The POJO based actions in struts 2, action class is POJO (Plain Old Java Object) i.e. a simple java class. AJAX support in Struts 2 provides support to ajax technology in its stable releases . It is used to make asynchronous request. It sends only required field data to the server side not all. So it makes the performance fast. Integration support can simply integrate the struts 2 application with hibernate, spring, tiles etc. frameworks. Various Result Types can use JSP, freemarker, velocity etc. technologies as the result in struts 2. Various Tag support in Struts 2 provides various types of tags such as UI tags, Data tags, control tags to ease the development of struts 2 application. Theme and Template support in Struts 2 provides three types of theme support are xhtml, simple and css_xhtml. The xhtml is default theme of struts 2.0 Themes and templates can be used for common look and feel.
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